Write Notes to Those You Love. And Send Them.

on 15 July 4 Comments

I had a different blog post idea today.

I was going to write something related to getting punctuation correct—but I can’t do it.

It seems trivial in light of world events. Everyday, I wonder what this world is coming to.

So what can I do, today, to affect the spreading of love with a skill that I love—the skill of writing. I can encourage you to write to those you love. To tell them how important they are to you. To tell them that they are loved. Tell them about the two or three memories that you treasure. Tell them about how they made you laugh. Edit the part out about how they made you cry. Tell them about the good now because tomorrow isn’t promised. And Forgive.

I have told some that I love in gifts through the years, but I haven’t told enough of you. I am starting now. If I put it out there this widely, I pray that it will motivate me to keep my word, even when it’s tough to do. I’m going to write specific notes in private messages, but here’s a start.

To friends I have known—you have blessed me in some way, at some time in my life. Others of you, I don’t know, but, you have blessed a friend in some way. I am thankful for the friend through whom we are connected.

I am grateful for how you have influenced my life, and for your influence in my friends’ lives. I am grateful that God created you. I am grateful for your smiles that give me hope, and for your statements that make me think.

I pray for blessings in your life. I pray that you would know that you are loved. I pray that you will know and experience love from those who love you. I pray that you will feel loved in some way from people who you don’t know—and that you notice that kindness in the midst of the business.

Most of all, I pray you will know that you are loved by God. A God who sent His Son to die for you—even if you don’t believe it, He still loves you.

But convincing you of God’s love isn’t the purpose of this post.  The purpose of this post is to spur you on to tell others that you love by sharing something in writing. Because writing endures. It outlasts us. And it can be a beautiful gift. So why not use it?


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by loralpepoon@gmail.com

by loralpepoon@gmail.com

by loralpepoon@gmail.com


  1. Ann Stoll
    15th Jul 16

    I love getting notes from my hubby. He’s more to do that than I am! I pray that more people would come to actually know the love of God. But sending a little note to someone you are thinking of, is a start. I love it.

    • loralpepoon@gmail.com
      17th Jul 16

      I love getting notes from my hubby, and share your prayers. Thanks for your encouragement!

  2. Donna DeRosa
    15th Jul 16

    Lovely post.

    • loralpepoon@gmail.com
      17th Jul 16

      Thank Donna! I appreciate you taking the time to comment!

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