Write to Humor Yourself—How I’m Like My Cat

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OK, the honest truth is that I would not be writing tonight if it weren’t for this blog challenge.

I am under the weather—not visiting with friends in from out of town eating at one of my favorite restaurants down the street and not attending my life group through church—both of which are very important to me. I don’t want to get people sick.

But I’m not going to fail at this challenge! So what can I write about?

Something that makes me laugh—so I don’t cry about what I’m missing.

Those of you who are passionate about your pets will relate the most to this post.

Have you ever noticed that pets become like their owners and owners become like their pets?

Here are just a few ways that I have been like my cat—this week.

My cat does pretty good on his diet, except when he is off his routine. Then, he is left to his own devices to manage his caloric intake…

I was like my cat on Monday night with food. When we came home from a long weekend away, I was off my routine. We had climbed all over the place on waterfalls, and we had hiked about 9 miles. You can read about our adventures on my hubby’s blog, Hiking With Your Honey.

But unlike my cat, I have the benefit of knowing how my body reacts when I treat it poorly. I ate a hamburger (with a gluten-filled bun) and French fries when we stopped at Applebee’s to get our blogs written and posted. The result? I was sick all night and half of the next day! I normally split this type of entrée with my husband! But I ate it. I guess I thought I had earned it or something.

I was sick physically because my body is not used to that much food at one time! I am also normally gluten free. To make matters worse, I was emotionally sick because I knew better.

My cat bites people when he is hungry. I don’t physically bite people, but I know I can get grumpy when I don’t maintain my normal eating schedule. Or I get super tired.

When I’m satisfied with life, I have two reactions—just like my cat.

  1. I curl up to my loved one (my hubby)…when my cat loves on me, there is no denying it. He is on top of me, beside me, etc. I’m a snuggler just like my cat is!
  2. I go into recluse mode off in a corner by myself…just me and my thoughts. I think my cat takes a nap in those scenarios. But since I don’t know where he is when he hides, I can’t be 100% sure. I do know that when I need a nap, I take one. My love for naps is one reason why I’m an entrepreneur. Don’t get me wrong…this having your own business thing is a ton of work! And I know I do just as much work for less pay, but the work can be done in a more productive way—I work when I’m awake and energetic! What a concept!

I have many more insights about life because of my cat. If you want to read more of them, visit clivethecat.com.

If I can help you churn a piece of writing out—whether it is funny, serious or somewhere in between, please contact me. I write, cowrite, content edit, copyedit and more—and I’ve done it professionally for years. Explore the various pages of this Website to learn more about me.


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by loralpepoon@gmail.com

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