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I’m passionate about teaching people to write to help them take stock of their lives and to find their greater purpose beyond themselves. I’ve found that recording what has happened  in my life reveals God’s handiwork. Journaling helps me remember His goodness and clarifies my next steps, especially in these seemingly crazy times.

I’m still asking Him about how my roles as wife and professional writer and editor intersect with His larger purposes, but I do know that each time I write, I get a step closer to finding out. This process of inquiry can be just like a hiking adventure. You never know what’s around the bend until you get there.

If I haven’t journaled daily (and I haven’t this week), I at least like to ask myself a few questions, to help me record my journey. I ask myself different questions at various times, but here’s a few that I think might spark reflection. My hope is that you may be inspired to write down the answer to at least one of these questions.

What sticks out in your mind as something that you came across as inspiring this week? I saw a post with a quote that I haven’t thought about in several years, but at one point was top of mind:

“The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.” ― Frederick Buechner, Wishful Thinking: A Theological ABC

If you could only remember one thing, that you want to remember about this week, what would it be?

Hands down, it was the feeling of absolute freedom I felt after I made the decision to go climb on the rocks to the waterfall. Looking up the water dripping down realizing how big God was to enable me to safely get under the tallest water fall East of the Rockies was mindboggling. The experience was metaphorical because it showed me that when I pushed myself, doing my part, God multiplies the blessings The flow went from a light showering to a heavy downpour. I believe He is going to do that in our lives.

Writing in a cafeWhat happened this week that made you smile?

  • Holding my 6-month-old granddaughter at church, thanking God of all he’s done in my life in the last three years. Who knew being single and 41 that I could be a grandma in just three years? Wow—I never would have predicted that!
  • Meeting Wes and Olivia, a sweet couple in their 70s, who inspired us to stay in shape until we are in our 90s. They, like my husband and I, met later in life. We talked with them about our love for God and creation and had a wonderful time with them on the trail. Here they are. You can read more about our encounter on my husband’s blog, Hiking With Your Honey.
  • Watching my amazing husband take care of me as I have been sick—I thank God for him.

What took place that made you cry?

Being too sick to see my friends who are visiting from out of town, and not being able to keep up with regular exercise.

What work projects did you make progress on?

I finished editing two books, recorded an online class, wrote 6 blog posts and finished interviews for a writing deadline next week.

Were you able to reach out with notes to people you love like you promised yourself (and others) that you would do at the end of last week?

I invited six friends to get together, sent several text messages and notes.

Did you learn something new this week?

I refreshed my skills on Adobe Pro to use it for editing, and I practiced recording a class, speaking with more enthusiasm.

It’s your turn now. Happy recording! 

If I can help you process your thought to write a blog, article or book, I’d love to talk with you. If you have written something, and if you would like to have an objective content evaluation, please feel free to contact me.


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by loralpepoon@gmail.com

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