Why a Cowriting with the Holy Spirit Class?

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The Problem

Even though I’d had a successful editorial career as a managing editor, marketing manager, and creative director, something had been missing throughout my professional writing experience.

My natural talent or even trying really hard—didn’t cut it at all times. More often than I would like, I would cave under pressure, succumb to stress, or make major mistakes.. 

I felt a little better when I saw the same thing happen as I supervised incredibly talented writers and graphic designers in top corporations and universities in Chicago. I had seen them do incredibly wonderful work—most of the time. 

These troubles happened to me and others in every environment during the course of more than 20 years—in both agency and corporate—whether secular or Christian. 

What was missing?, I wondered More time for creative work, I thought. We were all under too much pressure from difficult deadlines and a strenuous workload. 

I dreamed of the day when I would have time to write as I wanted—without the pressure.

Would a different era bring hope for a resolution?

When I married my gracious husband, he understood my previous struggles with time for creative pursuits. He said, “We will have to live frugally, but take more time for your writing. Pursue your dreams. Help others part time if you want and write the rest of thetime.” 

I had that flexibility to write for years—and yet, I STILL didn’t finish a book. 

So, I’ve found, while more time could help—it may not. In reality, my own thoughts and circumstances have given me false justification to put my writing on the back burner despite the flexibility not to. 

And I know, from working with at least 200 writers over the last two decades, I’m not alone…However the blocks come, they come—and they keep us from starting or finishing.

I call these roadblocks writer stressors. Time and earning money are big ones.

Others include being overwhelmed with the enormity of a book or being indecisive, not knowing which of 50 ideas to execute first. 

I’ve battled fears that my writing won’t be good, or that it will only be interesting to me. 

I sometimes get stuck wondering if the time and money sacrifice will be worth it.

I get frustrated when I see that some online entrepreneur executes similar ideas to ones that I had years ago. 

And there are other stressors too. I know you know them…

But then as I was ready to throw in the towel and give up on my writing dreams, God nudged me, saying, “It’s not about you…it’s about your obedience and glorifying Me.” He reminded me that 1 Corinthians 2:10 tells us that we have received God’s Spirit, not the world’s spirit, so that we can know the wonderful things he has freely given us. 

In other words, the Holy Spirt, who guides us into all truth, will download to us in our writing.

A Revelation… 

Then the A-HA moment came, in the middle of the night, which is unusual for me.  

I had been praying, studying, and journaling with God, but I had never asked God to help me deal with these writer stressors. I searched for a class that combined writing strategies and getting free from these blocks by giving them to God, and I couldn’t find one.

So I responded. I tested this combination. And it worked wonderfully.

And I found that inviting the Holy Spirit into the work of writing, inviting Him to break down the barriers, was the missing ingredient I had been seeking for years. 

Therefore, I created an online seven-week pilot class, called Cowriting with the Holy Spirit, and over time, the class turned into a series of classes. Each class is seven weeks, with a two-hour session each week.  

All of the classes integrate the Holy Spirit into every part of the writing process. I also combine best practices that I learned from supervising and collaborating with writers over the last two decades to walk people through writing and editing their manuscripts. I’ve also added a synthesis of current information that I’ve learned from three well-respected writing subscription training services. If you subscribed to each of these, you would pay more than $150 a month.   

Because the most progress is made when writers actually do the work, I include an hour of independent writing time embedded in the class time, during which people may apply what they have just learned.

As we learn and work, we form a creative community for encouragement and accountability.

I have had dozens of students participate, saying this practice and format helped them experience breakthroughs and make the progress they desired. Not only that, but they have said that God had ministered to their own hearts through their writing efforts. 

And, they love having a prayer record of their writing journey, during which they often receive new ideas. These classes offer a win-win for all writers! 

So why am I sharing this with you all, now? Because classes start next month. 

I’d love to have you in a class and to write with you so that we can both experience this win-win, and spur each other on.

If you want to learn more about various courses, read the descriptions. 

Enroll now—at a deeply discounted price. 

Blessings on your writing! 


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