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If you are like me, to start or finish the redemptive story God has called you to share, you may be looking to hear from God, to record what He says, to have built-in writing time and a bite-sized process to follow, to garner greater knowledge about best writing practices, and to have support from others.

In 2018, the Lord led me to put all of these elements together to create an online course series, Cowriting with the Holy Spirit with all of these elements. Although I had taken numerous writing classes while earning a master’s in journalism and throughout my 20-year career as a professional writer, managing editor, and creative director, none of the training I received—or sought—had the ideal combination for faith-based writers that I just described. 

So, I wrote a course! And another, and another! Now there are three 7-week, 2-hour online courses, taught over Zoom. 

I believe in these dark days, many of us who have a God story or have an inkling to write a heartwarming novel or encouraging devotional are being nudged to write by God to counteract all the difficult news and circumstances surrounding us.

If this sentiment pricks your heart and you feel like this is a “now time” for you to do something, I invite you to join me for an upcoming class, beginning in mid-September. In my opinion, preparing to share His messagesis paramount in this season.

If you enroll, you will have the opportunity to: 

  • Seek God about your writing, record His answers, and follow His guidance in every session through “abiding writing” prayers. 
  • Get step-by-step guidance to craft your manuscript in one of three classes to start your draft, push through the messy middle, or polish your work through self-editing. 
  • Hear time-tested truths from the writing craft integrated with insights garnered from three current author membership sites that would cost you $150 a month if you subscribed to all of them.
  • Be taught by an editorial veteran who understands the common struggles of writers after supervising, coaching, editing, publishing, and walking alongside hundreds of writers during the last two decades.
  • Write for an hour during class time, and be amazed at how much you get done.
  • Gather inspiration, encouragement, prayer, and friendship from other classmates.
  • Save money in editing because your writing will be better organized and cleaner with self-editing tricks
  • Relisten to the course recordings and refer to the slides for reference down the road.
  •  And much more!

I invite you to choose the course that’s best suited to where you are in the writing process. 

If you are just starting a new project, select ABCs of Cowriting with the Holy Spirit (on Wednesday mornings

If you are half way into your draft, enroll in Finish Your Book Cowriting with the Holy Spirit(best if you are 1/3rd or more into your draft) on Thursday mornings or Thursday evenings

If your draft is nearly finished, and you are ready to self-edit, sigh up for Co-editing with the Holy Spirit, offered on Tuesday mornings.

In these classes, it’s my joy to write with you, to share my knowledge, to provide spiritual guidance, to help you master the writing mindset, and to help foster a closer community so that we spur one another on until our books are done. 

I also am compelled to share this information at the price I would have wanted to pay. Although the gurus of online course creation suggest I charge much more, I want them to be more accessible. That’s why I’m offering the entire session—seven-weeks, two hour each—for only $99 through September 3. 

Can’t make the times the courses are offered? No worries! The courses are recorded, and although you will miss the interaction with the group, the information you learn and the course will be worth it if you can commit to write at least two hours a week. 

If you have read this far, and this appeals to you, enroll today! Or, if you know someone who has talked to you about an idea for a book, please forward them this blog.

I appreciate you! If you have any questions, please email me at Blessings to you!



  1. Jill Diaz
    27th Aug 21

    Wow- this is AWESOME! And so timely. I often feel that my writing is not my own, especially when it is burning to be released. I feel my writing is how God moves through me and this all sounds super interesting to dig into more!

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