What are cowriting services?Loral pro shot

Cowriting is collaborating with authors to develop content. It encompasses joint writing, editing and other creative and mechanical skills.

What are my “pro” qualifications? 

Everyone can and should be a writer. Part of writing is a basic skill we all learn at a young age. I too started loving to write by the time I was seven. I progressed to major in foreign languages and I earned a master’s degree in journalism. Then, I had a successful corporate career being the written and visual voice of well-known, large organizations and universities for nearly 20 years. I have helped train dozens of writers who have been employees who I supervised, clients and friends.

What type of clients do I serve?
Authors, bloggers, ministries, small businesses, universities and marketing agencies.


EDITING: I offer a complimentary read of a sample of each project (if a manuscript or document already exists) and I provide a free estimate. At that time, I identify a rate, estimate a number of hours, project a date of completion and develop a potential project plan.

If you just have an idea or a project need without anything written yet, I offer a 1/2 hour free phone consultation, followed by the free estimate.

Current projects range from $50–$75 per hour, depending on services, industry expertise, etc.

TEACHING: Check out the online classes that I teach. I created a series of courses that I would have loved to take combining best practices in the craft with exercising my faith.

WRITING COACHING: If you are stuck on what to write or what to do next in the writing process, I can help. I have been working with writers for more than 20 years to help them push past common barriers. Coaching may include reviewing a chapter, brainstorming, seeing if your idea is relevant to your intended audience, or giving you ongoing accountability to ensure you make the progress you want in your desired timeframe. Get started with two hours of coaching for only $100.