Why Do A Group Blogging Challenge?

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I'm so thankful for this group and the blog challenge!
I’m so thankful for this group and the blog challenge!

It’s really late on a Sunday night. I started writing this when there’s only a couple hours left to get in on this particular 30-day group blogging challenge. I’ve had an incredibly busy few weeks with an overload of work. It’s summer—with school out, it’s the time when friends and family are available for out of town visitors—or they want to come to you. In addition to a large freelance workload, our schedule has been very full with out-of-town visits and visitors to our home. So, why would I decide—completely last minute—to add a 30-day group blogging challenge to my summer schedule?

Here are a few quick reasons:

  • I believe that God orchestrates all circumstances at particular times for particular reasons. I don’t always understand the timing or reason at the time that I commit to doing something, but I do know that I have seen the blessings looking back. I have seen a larger picture unfold about why the timing was incredibly important for the domino effect of other events in my life that were about to unfold. So, if I pray about an activity and have peace about doing it, and my husband is in agreement, we move forward. You can read my husband’s blog—he is also doing the challenge, writing as I write now—at hikingwithyourhoney.com.
  • I know that adding structure helps me achieve goals. I really dislike feeling pressure. I prefer to let things ruminate over time, with a plan solidly in place. However, I’ve also found that starting something helps me crystallize my plans—even when I’m not sure what my specific goals for that time period are yet. I do know that I have the larger goals of growing my business, generating inspirational and income-producing content and continuing to hone my craft as a professional writer, editor and marketer.
  • I want to help other small business owners who understand the importance of effective communication and knowledge sharing. I’m not sure how business owners will join this challenge, but I do know that I’ve learned so much from connecting with others. I really appreciate gaining knowledge from others who are willingly share their successes and failures. And I like sharing as well. It’s a win-win. Whether we are in the same field or not, we have a common shared experience of creating something for a purpose larger than ourselves.
  • I’m interested in people and what they are doing. As a writer and editor, understanding your audience is critical to getting your message across. Reading what people from various backgrounds want to write about helps you understand your potential audience. What are their interests? Their struggles? Their triumphs? Their fears? Their hopes and dreams? All of the insights help you generate more relevant, inspirational content.
  • I have experienced that adding discipline in one area of my life spills into another. When I have done fitness challenges, I was more productive in all areas of my life. Also, the last time I did a blog challenge, in addition to learning how easy it is to write more consistently for fun, I learned much about WordPress and building my own Websites and creating social media graphics. I also made made progress on one future book…just for fun. It will share insights about God, life and business that I’ve learned from Clive, my cat. Check out that blog here.

Perhaps it’s time for you to join a challenge. How much you are able to get done may surprise you—and you never know where or what may unfold next.


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