Feb. 1 is the New Jan. 1 for Writers

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Anyone else feel this? 

We celebrate Christmas after Christmas, and it’s my husband’s birthday and New Year’s.

Then we go away to recover and rest the following week, taking advantage of MLK day weekend.

That’s when we recover. 

Then we start making goals. 

This weekend the tree and decorations come down.

So, for me Feb. 1 is the time my new year gets on track. 


If you are a processor, like me

If you have many ideas, like me

It may take you longer than the world says to get started.

That is why I start my new year of writing classes on February 1. 

If you feel a little behind, I see you. 

If you feel even the slightest shame because you didn’t get the year off to a smashing start, I get you. 

If you feel paralysis of analysis with all the new things you could do that you on a new year that you end up not doing anything because you can’t sort it all out, I’m with you.

In fact, I want to join forces with you.

To cheer you on, where you are at. 

God is a God of do-overs, of how about now, as my mentor would say.. 

If you know that you know that you have a God-given message to share whether it’s the “I wish I learned this year ago lessons so I have to tell someone lessons,” a miraculous deliverance from a desperate situation, a creative story with an uplifting message, or everyday blessings that God has put in your heart, my class The ABCs of Cowriting with the Holy Spirit will help you. 

It doesn’t matter if you want to write a blog, book, or you don’t know what yet, this class will help you.

It’s not too late to begin your 2022 writing goals, to help move your year in the right direction.

Join me for a class?

 I teach this class live on Tuesday mornings, but if you can’t make that time, people love the recordings. 

I will answer your questions in class, as long as you send them by 3 p.m. on Monday.  

See you there! Questions? Email me at loralpepoon@gmail.com


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