pencil and paper with My Story words near cup of coffee on blue wooden table

Who Am I?

Born to an interior decorator mother and loralaccountant father, I (Loral) thrive combining creative artistry and efficient analytical skills.

  • I am a synthesizing strategist and a innovative creator whose media is the written word. I transform an idea or written draft into engaging and audience-relevant content or products.
  • I am a clarity-driven reader or customer advocate, who proactively addresses potential questions with excellence in writing and editing.
  • I am a formative collaborator with more than 20 years of experience partnering with dozens of writers, designers, programmers ,and product managers to bring messages and products to the world.

What have I done most recently? 

Since 2015, I have collaborated with Christian authors and visionaries to craft, chisel, transform, and birth more than 75 books. In 2020, my husband and I acquired Selah Press Publishing, a partnership publisher.

What is my background? 

I served as a managing editor, creative director, marketing manager, and writer at the parent company of a well-know publisher, as well as for universities, financial service corporations, and ministries for more than 20 years. In 2013, I followed my love of God’s creation and moved from the impressive architecture of downtown Chicago to the natural beauty and warmer climate of Tennessee. I hold a Master of Journalism/Advertising from the University of Kansas and a Bachelor of Arts in European Studies/French and German from the University of Tulsa.

What do I do for fun?

In my free time, I enjoy adventures with my amazing husband, Seth, and I cuddle with my charming cat, Jack, aka Clive Staples Lewis Pepoon. I could not live without prayer, my Bible, and fellowship with Jesus and people in my church. In addition to writing, I enjoy dancing, cooking, reading, hiking, paddle boarding, kayaking, and traveling.