A Friend’s Question Becomes An Online Writing Course

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You never know when a friend’s question may change your life, or set you in a new direction. That’s exactly what happened to me—and the result was me creating an online writing course series.

In 2017, a spirit-filled believer friend of mine asked:

“Could you help me write a book with the Lord?”

She knew that for many years I had worked as a managing editor, supervising and empowering writers, and that I had edited dozens of books. She also knew I was serious about seeking God in everything I do. 

As we were talking, I realized that there were many people like her—people who had a story or wisdom to share give—who believed they were being led by God to write a book. The problem for her, and many, is that they don’t know the steps to take to write a book. 

A day or two after we met, as I was praying, the phrase, “Cowriting with the Holy Spirit” popped into my head. 

At church that week, I saw my writers’ group leader, which was unusual. In more than three years of knowing her at our large church, I had never seen her there before at a Sunday service. 

I sensed God nudging me: “Go tell her about the idea.” It was one of those heart-beating-out-of-your-chest-moments that I knew I had to obey—or I would regret it. 

I was scared out of my mind, but I approached her anyway. 

I knew she would say, “So what are you going to do about it?” 

That conversation led to us arranging a 30-minute presentation in front of the writers’ group a couple months later. The presentation was set for February 26, 2018.

Several days before the presentation, I had looked up Holy Spirit verses and had plenty of writing knowledge to share from my career, but I didn’t have “the glue” that brought everything together. I sent out a prayer request for help. On the night of February 22 (I’ll share more why this date was important near the end), I was awoken in the middle of the night with a downpour of ideas, along with the framework of the talk. I don’t get up in the middle of the night to do anything—I love my beauty rest :).

For now, I’ll tell you that I confidently gave the presentation to more than 25 people. Many said they loved the material and encouraged me to take the topic further. One even said the talk could turn into a book someday. Perhaps that book is coming in 2022 🙂

I passed out a sign-up sheet offering those interested a seven-week, two-hour pilot online course. 17 people signed up. 

I had just heard about Zoom—I started using Zoom two years before Zoom became a household name 🙂

Here’s how I set up the course: 

  • We did a check-in, during which we go to know one another, shared some about our writing topics, and then we shared what our writing goals were for that day. 
  • I taught about the Holy Spirit and writing for 30 to 45 minutes. Then we wrote independently for 45 minutes to an hour. 
  • We finished with a 15 minute wrap up of how our writing went, including our victories, our struggles, and our next steps. 

I got the group’s feedback, which was that they grew closer to God, loved the format, and learned much about the writing craft. They said that the information was great, but too much to take in at one time. So, I split the course in two. 

Later, people wanted more on what happens after the writing was done, so I added an editing/publishing course. I again got the feedback that there was too much information, so I am currently splitting those two courses into two. 

All in all, I have taught two or three terms a year for three years. I’ve taught scores of writers, who have told their other writing friends. 

And books have has written, people have come to me for editing, and eventually publishing. All because I pondered a question, “Can you help me?”, and then heard a phrase, “Cowriting with the Holy Spirit.”

I have found such great joy in leading these classes. It’s like I finally found what I was made to do. 

I’d like to move to  an invitation…If you are struggling to get writing done, consider taking a class with me. The price is reasonable, and writing with others at a set amount of time is so much more effective for many people.

So, maybe I’ll see you in a class (or I’ll send you a recording if you can’t make it live). 

I also want to encourage you to ponder the questions of those around you. And listen to those phrases that pop into your head—you never know where they may end up leading you—and others.

The implications may be more far reaching than you know. 

With that idea, I’m going to circle back to why the date of when I got the framework of the talk. After the presentation, I experienced a couple months of heavy spiritual warfare. It almost made me want to cancel the course, which I knew was exactly what satan wanted. However, encouragement came right when I needed it.

On March 31, 2018, on The Elijah List, an email of prophetic words, I read a message from Kevin Basconi, out of North Carolina. He said that an anointing came over Tennessee, where I lived, on the SAME NIGHT that the Lord woke me up. Here’s a portion of his post:

“On February 22, 2018, Tennessee came to a place where God released something from the Kingdom of Heaven that is going to impact America. The Lord assigned and released specific angelic beings to minister for the saints (God’s friends) in Tennessee (Hebrews 1:14). The Lord released the anointing similar to Acts 2:22 (among others) into Tennessee…I was given the revelation that God released His angels of breakthrough, revival, and of harvest into Tennessee” (https://www.elijahlist.com/words/display_word.html?ID=19916).

Wow. when I read this email, I felt so honored that I was being ministered to, that I received an angelic visitation, and that I was given some kind of anointing—I knew then that God had given me something that might make a difference. I’m not saying this class has had this kind of impact during the last three years. But could the dozens of authors that I’ve helped thus far, could their books impact people who impact people as time passes? You bet! 

I may not see the impact this side of heaven. And that’s OK. But I’m sure glad I followed Him, starting out by simply answering a question for a friend. 

What questions have your friends been asking you? 

Would you like to learn to Cowrite with the Holy Spirit

Courses start September 14–16, 2021.  

If you have any questions, please email me at loralpeopoon@gmail.com. I’d love to hear from you.