I Help Authors & Writers:


I evaluate content and transform it to be relevant and wanted by ideal audience. I help authors craft clear and compelling writing, as well as clarify their target audience.


Chisel existing manuscripts using effective editing techniques and round out existing content, mirroring style and voice


I help writers execute an idea from concept to completion, ensuring that a compelling theme is carried throughout the written work.



“Loral and I worked together for more than six years while she was working in marketing at Loyola. In working with her to print Loyola publications, signage, newsletters, and more, I saw her marketing savvy at work. She also has a keen understanding of what makes excellent design, photography, and copy. The publication was so strong that I suggested that we enter a printing competition for excellence in a publication--it was a view book about Loyola's Rome Center--and it won a prestigious award in our industry. Loral is a wonderful person and a super talent, and she'd be a great asset for any organization.”

Dean Petrulakis Value Creator Specializing in Creating a Better World for My Clients

“Loral was my supervisor at Loyola University Chicago for two years. She was extremely supportive of my desire to explore my professional interests, even those that fell outside my job description. Although I was originally hired as a writer, I was still given the opportunity to work on web content management projects because of my interest in that area, which Loral encouraged. As a project manager, Loral was always concerned about the needs of our clients, giving them multiple pricing options for print pieces with the intention of trying to save them as much money as possible. I appreciate everything Loral did to help me acclimate to the world of higher education, which at that time was a brand new industry for me.”

Melissa Niksic Associate Vice President for Strategic Outreach and Communications at Associated Colleges of the Midwest

“I worked as a freelance graphic designer and illustrator with Loral as one of my key client contacts for more than six years at Loyola University Chicago, and we have worked on a few projects since then as well. Loral has strong expertise in marketing strategy and editorial development. She has a wonderful eye for good design and compelling photography. She is passionate about ensuring that design and copy are integrated. Her insights helped me ensure that design concepts achieved our clients’ communication goals. I really enjoy working with Loral. She cares about her projects and her colleagues, and that makes her someone I highly recommend!”

Patty O'Friel Designer at Patty O'Friel Design

“Loral and I worked together at Moody Bible Institute. I watched Loral, as creative director, maintain the workflow, manage staff, and write copy for larger efforts. Loral is a talented marketing executive who turns challenges into inspiration. She is respected by her clients and her team members, and she is very pleasant to work with. I strongly recommend Loral–she will be an asset to your team.”

Jane Wongjirad Senior Art Director